Running STAMP/Descartes in your OW2 project

OW2 provides a template project, pre-configured for STAMP/Descartes mutation testing.

The project provides full documentation, samples, and links to the tools code and detailed docs.

STAMP/Descartes standalone

Descartes can be used in a standalone way, as follows:


mvn clean install

mvn eu.stamp-project:pitmp-maven-plugin:descartes


This can be run on any project (without configuration), but better results will be obtained with proper configuration of the Descartes maven plugin in the project's pom.xml .

The template project comes with sample pom.xml, code and test, to showcase Descartes mutation testing.

Descartes generates an HTML output in `/tmp/pit-reports/<timestamp>` , as shown below:


STAMP/Descartes as Gitlab issue generator

The pom.xml in the template project also provides a sample configuration so Descartes can generate Gitlab issues, to report critical pseudo-tests: adapt it to your needs, according to documentation available there.

Screenshot of the Gitlab issue generated from the template project, when properly configured with your Gitlab credentials: